It was the Normans who brought their orchard culture to Britain in AD1100 and having reached a peak of popularity during the 17th and 18th centuries, 60% had been lost by the 1950s due to a downturn in demand. As a result many were cleared, the land used for other crops or development or just fell into general neglect.

To highlight the nationwide plight of our traditional orchards and grow awareness of their demise, National Trust and Natural England formed 'Orchard Network'; a partnership to focus attention on the issues, promote their conservation, encourage their preservation and plant new ones.

Smudge was approached to develop an identity for the project and produce a number of branding elements.

Its not all about trees! There is so much more to an orchard. The numerous fruits, natural habitats for insects, the lichens and fungi, and numerous species living amongst the orchard, all play an equal roll - not only in the orchard's ecological habitat but the entire countryside as a whole. With this in mind the campaign identity had to clearly encompass all these aspects, to champion everything; and so grew the 'Fruit Tree'; a complex compendium of life in an orchard.

"Everyone loves the Orchard Network identity - we have had so many compliments since our launch. The logo and branding perfectly captures what our group stands for, and it looks great in a range of situations. It has been a pleasure to work with this professional and enthusiastic company - thank you Smudge!"

Kate Merry, National Trust